Silicone Reservoir drainage system

Uinversal stepped adapter allows connecting to all kinds of suction tube. Quality anti-reflux valve totally eliminates liquid reflux. Maintain humidity balance of wound; Provide a good healing environment. Drain blood and fluid without any impact on surgical site. Effectively avoids crossing infection and pollution

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Features: - Made of imported medical grade silicone. - Provided with internal anti-reflux valve. - Bulb silicone walls provide easy activation of suction. - Regular system is to be used together with silicone flat drains, but we also recommend innovative solutions which are combined with our round fluted drains or round perforated drains. - Be used for patients who be Requested to accept closing type drainage after different kinds of operations. - Effective avoids crossing infection, pollution. - Maintain wound into humidity balance - Good biocompatibility - Can use separately or Using Trocar for insertion and combining with silicone Reservoir for fluids suction and collection. -Used for various surgeries. -Capacity: 100ml, 150ml, 200ml,400ml Usage: -Connect the outside end of the drainage tube with the sphere firmly, squeeze the sphere by hand, plug the exhaust (liquid) mouth immediately after discharging air, loosen the sphere, and suspend it in a slightly lower position on the side of the patient, so as to achieve sustainable drainage. -If the drainage ball can not maintain negative pressure, the import and export of the ball should be checked, and if necessary, the ball should be tightly screwed (plugged).

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