Disposable Fistula Needles Medical Consumables A.V. Fistula Needle for Blood Collection

The AV Fistula Needles are assembled by a protective cap, needle tube,double-wing plate, lock fitting, tubing, inner conical interface, lock cover. The AV Fistula Needles are intended to be used with blood composition collecting machines (for example centrifugalization style and rotating membrane style etc.) or blood dialysis machine for venous or arterial blood collecting work, then administer blood composition return to the human body. With an AV fistula, blood flows from the artery directly into the vein, increasing the blood pressure and amount of blood flow through the vein.The increased flow and pressure cause the veins to enlarge. The enlarged veins will be capable of delivering the amount of blood flow necessary to provide an adequate hemodialysis treatment.

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Features: -Ultra thin walled & sharp beveled needle to minimize trauma to patients - Needle with back eye to ensure continuous blood flow - Fixed wings or rotating wings for choice - The needle type blunt needle of buttonhole puncture method is specially provided to prevent the formation of hemangioma, reduce the puncture pain of patients, reduce the bleeding and infection rate at the puncture point, and improve the service life of internal fistula - It is equipped with long needle, short needle, rotating wing and fixed wing to meet different clinical needs - The needle tube imported from Japan has small puncture force and reduces pain - The configuration of internal fistula bag can be customized to meet different clinical needs

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Indication: The product is used to puncture mature internal fistula during hemodialysis, connect with blood circuit and establish temporary blood pathway. Adaptive Department: Blood purification center, nephrology department, artificial kidney department, liver transplantation department, artificial liver department, etc.

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